Two Stage Separator

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Two stage moisture separators are selected when a higher degree of protection is required, above that afforded by a single stage separator, for the removal of small aerosols and airborne particulates.

When installed on offshore platforms they provide protection for HVAC/ventilation systems and diesel engines which drive fire pumps and generator sets. They are also used to protect ventilation systems and diesel engines on a wide range of commercial and military ships.

Different configurations are available dependent upon the application.


Two-Stage Vane Drops - Type A - White Type A – for sheltered positions


The Type A configuration is designed and supplied with the first stage Premaberg PC1 coalescer panel followed by a bank of inertial vanes and is recommended for use in applications where the intakes are located in sheltered positions and protected from heavy water loadings.


Two-Stage Vane Drops - Type B - White Type B – for exposed positions


The Type B configuration is designed and supplied with a bank of Premaberg inertial vanes in front of the PC1 coalescer panel for applications where heavier water loadings may be present and is suitable for operating air velocities up to 5m / sec.

In both Type A and Type B configurations, the PC1 coalescer panel may be exchanged for our PC2 filter coalescer panel, which provides the added protection to G3 level of filtration when a greater degree of dust and particulate removal is required.

Two Stage Separator Performance Datasheets

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