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At the heart of a Premaberg air inlet separation and filtration system is the chevron shaped inertial vertical vane which, by combining clever aerodynamic design with a tortuous path and catchment pockets, removes water droplets from air. Additional stages of separation and/or filtration may be added depending on individual requirements.

Premaberg products are manufactured from marine grade aluminium alloys and stainless steels, with our raw materials fully traceable and certificated to provide assurance to the customer concerning material origins and their quality.

Single Stage Separator

Designed to remove visible moisture and heavy spray from airstreams at the intake to engine rooms and other areas where water ingress has to be eliminated. Find out more >

Two Stage Separator

These combine inertial vanes with filter/coalescer panels to remove water droplets and aerosols from air streams at the intakes to HVAC systems, diesel engines and other applications where water ingress has to be eliminated to a high degree of efficiency.  Find out more >

Three Stage Separator

The elite high efficiency air filtration system for removing airborne salt spray and aerosol droplets from air streams at the intake to sophisticated machinery operating in a marine environment. They are used primarily for combustion air intakes for marine gas turbines and diesel engines. Find out more >

Dual Vane Separator

Premaberg Dual Vane separator systems use innovative chevron vane technology, combining two banks of separation vanes in a compact design. They are specifically designed to remove sub 10 micron airborne aerosols from inlet air streams. Find out more >

PH120 Heated Droplet Separator

As more ships and offshore installations are required to operate in very cold environments, design developments have been introduced to ensure that the air inlet systems for machinery and prime movers remain open and the free passage of air is not blocked by a build up of ice or snow. Find out more >

System 200 Air Filtration

Designed to offer high efficiency protection for gas turbines, HVAC plant and other machinery from airborne dust particles, salt water and aerosols encountered on offshore platforms, coastal sites and in some specialised applications onboard ship. Find out more >

Weather Louvre

High water removal capacity and efficiency combined with low pressure drop; a Premaberg Weather Louvre is designed to offer good protection. Normally fitted on offshore oil and gas platforms and industrial coastal installations for forced and naturally ventilated areas, they are capable of handling sea generated spray, fog and heavy rainfall. Simple louvres with horizontal blades are also available. Find out more >

Mud Room Scrubber (MRS Units)

Premaberg Mud Room Scrubbers were developed in co-operation with major offshore operators. The system uses water scrubbing sprays to remove airborne solid particles from the extract air stream from drilling areas, shale shakers and mud room ventilation systems for offshore platforms and drilling rigs. Find out more >

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